Our story

The Antonio Russo Team (from l-to-r: Marton Braun, David Russell, Dudy Braun)

The Antonio Russo Team (from l-to-r: Marton Braun, David Russell, Dudy Braun)

It was round a Friday night dinner table, that the idea for developing a dairy-free ice cream business was first discussed between Marton, his son Dudy and their friend David.

In Jewish law it is forbidden to eat dairy products after a meat meal for at least three hours – that’s an awfully long wait for ice cream!

And although some dairy-free desserts already existed, Marton had started work with a local chef to develop a superior product — a truly delicious dairy-free alternative to ice cream that was also kosher.

When Marton first shared the first few batches with Dudy and David they could not believe it was not dairy ice cream. In fact they were all so bowled over by the taste they decided to develop the flavours further and launch a business.

Marton’s belief in the product was so passionate he even sold parts of his beloved art collection to fund it!

Now we are striving to bring Antonio Russo dairy-free iced desserts to the wider market to ensure that people who cannot eat dairy are not deprived of one of life’s great indulgencies – delicious ice cream.

Our fundamental belief is that even without dairy ingredients, there is no reason why people should be expected to compromise on the quality, taste and texture of ice cream.

A big thank you to the many people have helped us to where we are today: Yisrael, Cynthia, Caroline, Ben, Piroshka, Toby and Alex.

And of course thank you to YOU, our customers and supporters too, without whom there would be no story to tell!