Nosh Fest

Nosh Fest

Antonio Russo will be honoured to be in attendance at The Big Jewish Nosh Fest, to be held on Sunday 23rd February at the Etz Chaim Synagogue on Harrogate Lane in Leeds.

The event is the first of its kind in Leeds, organised by Makor, and will be a “Celebration of Jewish Culinary Delights” and thus the perfect showcase for the Antonio Russo range of premium dairy-free iced desserts.

Though we will not have our world famous Antonio Russo Vintage Cart with us, we will be offering samples of some of our newest flavours not yet available in any stores. So if you are visiting, then just ask us “What’s new at Antonio Russo?” We will then serve you up exclusively a scoop of one of our future flavours.

Following the event, our full range of signature flavours will be available to buy from Myers’ Famous Kosherie.

For further details of the event, then please visit The Big Jewish Nosh Fest website.

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