Antonio Russo strawberry flavour

Congratulations for discovering us. Your days of dismal ice cream alternatives are over. Welcome to the amazing taste of Antonio Russo dairy-free ice cream. 

Our goal is simple – to produce an iced dessert as delicious and satisfying as ice cream. That’s why we have developed the Antonio Russo range of dairy-free iced desserts, with the taste, texture and creaminess that brings the same enjoyment as a bowl of dairy ice cream.

We use soy combined with premium fair trade ingredients to create three gorgeous flavours:

Antonio Russo coffee flavour

Caribbato – Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee

Scoop of Antonio Russo Chocolato flavour

Chocolato – Belgian dark chocolate with a zest of orange

Scoops of Antonio Russo Vanillato

Vanillato – Madagascan vanilla bean

All products are certified kosher and vegetarian and dairy free.