About Antonio

Congratulations for discovering us.  Your days of dismal dairy-free substitutes are over. Welcome to our world of Antonio Russo. 

There’s no reason why people with dairy-free or dietary requirements should miss out on the joy of ice cream.

That’s why we developed Antonio Russo dairy-free iced desserts whose taste, texture and creaminess bring the same enjoyment as a bowl of delicious dairy ice cream.

Our base product is soya combined with premium ingredients to create three gorgeous flavours:

ChocolatoAntonio Russo VanillatoAntonio Russo Caribbato





Caribbato – Divine Caribbean Coffee (made from Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee)
Chocolato – Heavenly Belgian Chocolate Truffle with a zest of orange
Vanillato – Blissful Madagascan Vanilla Bean

What’s different about us?

Simple. The taste.

From your very first scoop, you really won’t believe it’s dairy free.

We don’t substitute on premium ingredients so there’s no substitute on taste and texture.

All our products are certified kosher, halal, vegetarian and are dairy and gluten free.

Antonio Russo is a social business which means we are committed to ensuring we are socially responsible and that our products are sustainable. We source our ingredients from ethical suppliers and do everything we can to reduce the environmental impact of the product cycle.

Antonio Russo Ltd is a company registered in England & Wales (no. 07831572)

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