Blue Mountain


Antonio Russo is proud of the partnerships which make our range of flavours so special.

We are particularly proud of our partnership with Blue Mountain Coffee (Europe) Ltd which has given us the license to use their Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee bean in our Antonio Russo Caribbato flavour.

Caribbato is made out of only the finest grade coffee grown in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica. We choose to use Blue Mountain as it has a mild flavour with no bitterness making it the ideal ingredient to deliver the distinguished and delicious flavour for which Antonio Russo is famous.

We believe that to make the very best Caribbato requires the very best coffee. Blue Mountain is today one of the most expensive and sought after coffees in the world, and that is why it is the perfect ingredient for Antonio Russo.

Open a pot of Antonio Russo Caribbato, and you can smell the coffee, and taste the coffee!


kosherieWe have been made aware that some of you are experiencing “stock-outs” at your local retailers. That they have not only run out of one flavour of our range of Antonio Russo dairy free iced desserts, but in some cases the entire range.

That proved the case recently at the kosherie in Leeds, who are now stocking the Antonio Russo range, though their supplies have now been replenished – to ensure that those that sampled our product at Nosh Fest can now buy it locally.

We are currently working though on trying to determine more where and how these “stock-outs” arise – as we always have ready supplies of all flavours at our production facility in Stamford Hill, at which we are currently increasing our freezer capacity to enable us to hold even greater stock. But evidently on occasion there may be an issue in the distribution of our products – that is resulting in supplies not being delivered to retailers when required.

Over the coming months we hope to address the issue, but we need your help. If you cannot locate your favourite Antonio Russo flavour then please do let your retailer know first, and then let us know as well – so we can ensure that they do receive new stock when needed.

We want to ensure that everyone who has a craving from their favourite Antonio Russo flavour, can seek immediate satisfaction.

Though when that does not prove possible, we can only apologise – and hope that you will be willing to buy Antonio Russo again when the next order does finally arrive.

But we look forward soon to the day that Antonio Russo will always be available – whenever and wherever you want it.


Nosh Fest

Nosh Fest

Antonio Russo will be honoured to be in attendance at The Big Jewish Nosh Fest, to be held on Sunday 23rd February at the Etz Chaim Synagogue on Harrogate Lane in Leeds.

The event is the first of its kind in Leeds, organised by Makor, and will be a “Celebration of Jewish Culinary Delights” and thus the perfect showcase for the Antonio Russo range of premium dairy-free iced desserts.

Though we will not have our world famous Antonio Russo Vintage Cart with us, we will be offering samples of some of our newest flavours not yet available in any stores. So if you are visiting, then just ask us “What’s new at Antonio Russo?” We will then serve you up exclusively a scoop of one of our future flavours.

Following the event, our full range of signature flavours will be available to buy from Myers’ Famous Kosherie.

For further details of the event, then please visit The Big Jewish Nosh Fest website.